POM Parts

ARIL – The botanical term for a seed surrounded by a juice sac. Unlike other varieties, arils of the Wonderful variety are a brilliant ruby red, indicating the healthy, sweet, tart juice contained within.

ALBEDO – The white, fleshy substance directly under the skin of a pomegranate.

MEMBRANE – The translucent yellow material surrounding the pomegranate arils. The membrane is bitter and not recommended for consumption.

RIND – The outer peel or husk of a pomegranate. Much of the antioxidant content of the juice comes from crushing the whole fruit, as the rind is where you will find a unique blend of phytonutrients.

Wonderfully Nutritious

POM Wonderful makes enjoying pomegranates and healthy snacking easier than ever with POM POMS™ Fresh Arils, a convenient package of ready-to-eat pomegranate arils straight from our California orchards. Known for their delicious, sweet taste and plentiful juice, Wonderful variety arils offer a brilliant ruby red pop of color and deliver a sweet burst of flavor.

  • POM POMS are a great way to incorporate antioxidant polyphenols into your diet and are offered in two convenient sizes: a 100-calorie 4.3oz single serving for easy snacking and an 8oz size the whole family can enjoy
  • Good source of fiber
  • Fresh pomegranates are a seasonal treat, available from October through January.